We are pleased to start dealing with your request to work in Lithuania and inform you of the upcoming procedures in your requests

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Thank you for contacting Migration-lounge.

We are pleased to start processing your request to work in Lithuania and inform you of the upcoming procedures for your request:

1- Your CV will be reviewed to check your specialisation, experiences and academic qualifications ,that you registered in your personal file on the site or through the CV that you sent to us by e-mail.

2- After screening your CV and matching it with the fields required to work in Lithuania and the available jobs we can offer you , you will be notified immediately.

The cost of your skill matching services that we offer is €7,500 (check if you have a discount code).

Payment scheme:
1. The amount of € 2000 euros down payment to initiate the skill matching steps .We offer you the available jobs with all details related to it.

3- After obtaining your approval on one of the available offers and signing a contract ,comes of second instalment for the amount of €2500.

4- The hiring procedures is starting
whether for you as an employee alone, or for you and your companions from your family, provided that the other party (husband / wife) in the family is over 21 years old.

5- Upon obtaining the residence permit approval decision from the Immigration Department the final amount of € 2500 will need to be deposited within 3 days .

6- The work permit is obtained in a period of 30-60 working days from the date of signing the work contract.
Your visa is received through the embassy of the country in which a work contract is provided or it’s consular section depending where you apply.

7- An appointment should be scheduled by you with the embassy or one of their representation offices that carry the biometric services .

8- After you obtain your visa for your European residence, starts the arrangement of booking a flight ticket etc…

9.A member of our staff will be meeting you in the airport and driving you to your temporary accommodation till you find a permanent one.
( This is handled individually depending of the clients preferences)

👉 please note that payment plans vary depending on your discount code you are using.

Essential documents that are required for processing your application form:

1- Certificate of vaccination for Covid-19.

2- A family registration certificate is also required if the applicant will have accompanying family members with him.

3- In the event that you are a highly qualified employee, you must submit a university degree from your higher education institutions.
The certificate needs to be signed by the University Dean.
Then authenticated from the foreign ministry of your country of residence and then get an apostille from the Lithuanian embassy / counsellor office .

4- In the event that you are a skilled craftsman, you must provide proof of previous experience ( the last 5 years ) in the event that educational certificates are not available.

5- All your documents should be translated into English .

6- Submitting an IELTS certificate of score 6.5 or more or its equivalent, which proves your proficiency in the English language.

7- A valid passport and the validity period is not less than 18 months.

7- Your approval and knowledge of all the expenses required by the recruitment company before starting the process of arranging your employment contract in the event that your CV is suitable for the requirements of work in the Lithuanian labor market.

👉Submitting an IELTS exam certificate of minimum score 6.5 ( within the last 48 months ) or you passed the PTE exam (IELTS courses)

Important Alerts :

Suitable job opportunities are searched for the client within a maximum period of 120 days, after which the client has the right to demand a full refund of the amount of the first payment of 2000 euros if he did mot obtain a suitable job opportunity.

If the customer wants to withdraw his file before the end of the 120 days, only 50% of the down payment is refunded (Euro 1000 )
The amount is received within 3 working days after the client submits a request to withdraw his file. The amount is refunded by the same method of payment whether it is cash or via a bank transfer.

All papers submitted must be official and correct. In the event that the Immigration Department rejects the client’s application because his documents were forged, the full amount of euros 2000 will be retained by Migration-lounge (first advance payment).

Please note that the reasons for rejection are mostly due to the following :

1. That the person committed a crime or traffic violation in one of the European Union countries and the case has not been settled.

2 .That the person is on an internationally wanted list for committing a violation or crime

3. The papers presented are forged.

4. He has been refused a Schengen visa in the last 6 months

5. That he did not submit the required documents in full on the day of the interview at the embassy or consulate in charge.

6. He stayed in any of the European Union countries and exceeded the permitted period of stay, even if by one day.

7. He has a pending tax file in any country of the European Union

Note: If the person arrives in the country of work and after staying there, he commits any crime, the police will inform the Immigration Office and he will be deported immediately. Verbal or physical harassment is considered a crime and the person is deported within 72 hours.

The client will not be refunded any of our services fees in the event of deportation.

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