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An EU Blue Card is a residence and work permit that allows highly qualified non-EU citizens to legally reside and work in an EU country.

If you have a university degree, yes you can, but you will still need to apply for a work permit as your profession is not on the Shortage Occupations List for the Highly Educated in this country. The employer will then be needed to hire you for at least twelve months, if the Blue Card application is to progress.

A Blue Card is a permit which will allow you to live in the country for a period of one to three years as a highly qualified employee based on a minimum of 1.5 x average salary for an employment contract (total 2338 €) (according to the Department for Statistics). 

Who has the right for a blue card visa?


The Blue Card is a two-in-one (work and residence) permit allowing highly skilled, non-EU citizens to reside and work in Lithuania.


the Blue Card can be issued when the following requirements are met:

a) A third country national has a higher education diploma or has at least five years experience in a designated field.

b) The intended duration of the foreigner’s period of employment in Lithuania is at least one year.

c) The gross monthly salary is not less than 1.5 of the gross monthly salary of an average Lithuanian (€2,338 gross).

d) A decision from the Lithuanian Labour Exchange is obtainable.  There is one exception, and that is if the monthly salary is not lower than three times that of the gross monthly salary of an average Lithuanian (€4,040 gross).

e) Local employment : with a job offer from lithuanian company .

f) A university diploma of higher education.

g) The aforementioned diploma must have an apostille.  The certificates must also be translated into English or Lithuanian.  

h) A Family Registration Certificate is also required if the applicant is accompanied by members of their family.

i) Covid-19 vaccination certificate. 

The validity period: three years. However the number of extensions is not limited.

It should not be forgotten that the permit is issued for employment in Lithuania only 

NO. In some countries it may be acceptable for expats to earn less than the average Lithuanian salary. Nevertheless, in Lithuania, this is illegal. All workers must be in receipt of the minimum wage and cannot opt to receive less than that.

The key rule is that the “employee’s salary cannot be lower than the salary paid to a Lithuanian/EU resident performing the same work for the same employer”. The salary is mandated to be not less than the average income for that particular field of activity, as determined by the Department of Statistics.

No, you cannot apply for a Blue Card visa. A plumber is on the list of shortage skilled professions. However, a skilled tradesperson is NOT a highly educated professional. He/she doesn‘t need a permit to work, but will need to apply for a visa. Skilled tradespersons will need to have a diploma/certificate with an apostille and be experienced (with documents of previous/recent employment) of one to five years in duration.

In other words, what if they have the experience but failed to complete their education (in a shortage skilled occupation), would this be accepted, if proof of that experience during the previous one to five years were presented? There are, for example, plasterers who are very skilled, experienced and talented but failed to complete their education.

We may, in some instances, send that individual to one of our field partners who can assess their skills. This may depend on where they live, but we can sometimes arrange that.

Yes, your spouse/partner can work and won’t need a work permit visa, because she or he is a co-applicant and not the main applicant. He/she can move between jobs and is not obliged to stay for a minimum period of twelve months, as the main applicant is obliged to do.

Yes, there is free education in Lithuania.

The schools are free and lessons are delivered in the Lithuanian, Russian and Polish languages. However, the English and French schools are private and fee-paying.

The gross salary for the Blue Card is a minimum of €2,328 per month. From the 1st January 2022, it is calculated that you will need €791 per adult per month. One child is calculated as needing €396 per month. €2,328 will therefore be enough for two adults and one child and €2,374 for two adults and two children.

The spouse needs to be more than twenty-one years old.

Yes it is possible to start up your own company while having a work permit visa, but you must be actively employed at the same time. In other words, you cannot simply run a company while not actively working, in accordance with the contract you signed when you first applied to come to Lithuania.

Knowing that the maximum work day is 12 hours, five days a week.

If you decide to change your status and become a private business owner, then you will need to apply for a different type of visa.

Requirements for open your company:

  1. The equity capital of the company should be not less than €28,000.
  2. All activities should be conducted in Lithuania for at least six months, in line with a business plan.
  3. Each full-time employee (citizens of Lithuania, citizens of other EU/EEA Member States or third country nationals residing permanently in Lithuania), should be remunerated with at least two gross monthly average salaries – in line with Lithuania’s current economic conditions - (currently €2,693.4 gross). 
  4. The requirements for a foreigner:
  • must be a shareholder and have invested at least €14,000 in the share capital of the Lithuanian company
  • must be a CEO of the company or a shareholder holding at least a third of the nominal value of the authorised capital.

Local employment: a requirement for the position of CEO. 

Validity period: two years. TRP might be issued for three years, if the company employs five full-time employees and the invested funds of the shareholder amount to at least €260,000. 

Yes. A work permit is not needed if the first spouse lives and works in accordance with the regulations of the Blue Card. 

Every residence permit requires a declaration of address. It is determined that seven square metres are required for an adult and four square metres for a child.

The minimum amount is 21,27%, but it can be up to 24,27%.

It is included in the employment contract. However if we apply for a one-year work permit and a one-year visa, we will also apply for a health care scheme for €60.  

Yes, the cost of medical insurance is €60 for every family member.

Yes, you can usually work 20 hours a week, but be sure to check with the university registered because each university has special conditions.

Yes, if you receive more than six traffic fines you will be deported within two weeks and you cannot appeal the decision.

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