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We provide the essential requirements needed for our clients to achieve their desired professional education. As a company we collaborate with many different universities and companies that acknowledge our certificate, thus, enabling our student to be admitted to our collaborating universities.

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Our main goal is offering the opportunity for job seekers to start up new career and to feel that their years of Education were not wasted. We want to be rewarding those who work effectively and efficiently the recognition, by placing them in top international companies in Europe.

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Why Lithuania

Healthcare system

Lithuania has an excellent modern state healthcare system, funded by the government through a national health insurance scheme....

Excellent academic institutions

Lithuania offers excellent academic institutions, innovative facilities and more than 350 English-taught study programs for international students...

European trading relations

Lithuania has strong trading relations not only with its Central and Eastern European neighbors (Poland, Latvia, Belarus) but also with the United States, Russia, Germany...

Business and economy

Lithuania has a developed private-enterprise economy that is actively growing due to an advantageous geographic location in Eastern Europe...

Film industry

Netflix’s The Last Czars, HBO’s upcoming Catherine the Great, and my personal favorite, Chernobyl...


Lithuania, for understandable historic reasons, is the most outspoken country on national security threats coming from Russia...

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We offering the opportunity for job seekers

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Hannah Busing Programmer

“Without Migration Lounge I’ll never know that I’ve a big opportunity to use in Lithuania “


“They are an ever-changing workplace, striving to innovate by bringing employers and candidates together. ”


“you’ll lead the shift to a more professional and data-focused HR culture.”

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