As before, so now. Harmony with nature.

The story of ”Nidos banga” began in 1867, when Herman Blode, who took over the hotel established in this place from his father, turned it into an oasis of peace and inspiration that attracts artists. Intellectuals such as Thomas Mann, Sigmund Freud and others visited here. The hotel’s “artists’ porch” was used to discuss the topical issues of art until night, and music and poetry were played.

Calming and eye-flattering outlook of the lagoon

The ”Nidos banga” building complex, consisting of three buildings, was renovated in spring 2021, while maintaining authenticity and complementing with stylishness, creativity and coziness. The interior of all spaces is dominated by calm, soft colors, natural materials, functional minimalism – elements that are inharmony with the landscape of the Curonian Spit.

The Curonian Lagoon is within arm’s reach, and to the sea – 1.5 km by walking along the pine forest.Every day he is a new opportunity for fresh thoughts and rest.

Apartments for yourself & investment.

We offer to purchase apartments for both: your own rest and a new type of investment.

In the summer season of 2021, the renovated spaces of “Nidos Banga” performs as a hotel. The apartments are for sale in two of the three buildings, the third building will continue to operate as a hotel. We offer to join the hotel’s activities with your new property, thus receiving additional income when you do not use the apartments for yourself.

All apartments are sold fully finished with decorations and equipment in them. The property is fully prepared for individual rest or rent by joining the hotel’s activities.

Hotel reception and common areas

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