Required Documents

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*Steps and procedures for the required documents*

University degree/institute
1. Obtaining a university graduation certificate (preferably mechanized)
2. Seal and signature of the dean of the university / institute
3. University seal and signature
4. A translation from the Court of Justice and the Seal
5. Attestation from the Court of Justice
6. external certification
7. The apostille stamp from the Lithuanian embassy or the agency carrying it out. The price of the stamp is 20 euros

1. Obtaining a birth certificate from the civil status (it varies from country to country), it is better if it is mechanized.
2. Translation from certified translation offices in the country from which it is coming
3. external certification

Criminal record (if requested)
1. Extracting the newspaper from the police department
2. Certified by the Ministry of Justice
3. Translated and stamped by the Ministry of Justice (it varies from country to country)
4. external certification

Family restriction
1. It is preferable that the family restriction be possible
2. Extracted from civil status
3. The translation is done and the translation is certified
4. external certification

*All papers must be translated into English or Lithuanian.